Finally a means of signing important documents virtually without having to be present at that meeting or having to print it out (which is a nightmare if you’re on the go, also meaning you don’t have to scan signed documents just to send them over again.  Now you can put your stamp of approval on all your important decisions on-the-go.

As claimed by Adobe, Adobe Sign lets you e-sign documents and forms and send them for e-signature. It also allows you to track responses and get signatures instantly with in person signing. You can sign either with a stylus or your finger, whatever floats your boats. It also provides you with an offline function which automatically syncs when you’re back online.  It gives you the ability to track and manage signed documents.

These signatures are counted as legally valid and can help simplify the process of authenticating important documentation. Whilst adhering to industry security standard it is also enforceable in industrialized countries around the world.  So whether you’re an entrepreneur or just need a way of making life easier for yourself this is definitely a great app for you. It is available on both Android and App Stores.




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