This one is for the creatives out there who don’t know where to start when it comes to copyrighting their digital art. Tired of people swiping your photography or art without your express permission? Blockai claims to be democratising copyright by tracking where your work is being used with or without your permission. Users can claim their copyrights as easy as 1, 2, 3. In essence it exists to enable its users to claim their copyrights on their material and protect them for free.

Their mission is “go collect the worlds copyright data and make it useful”. So how does it work? Well first you sign up for free, and register your copyright of any piece of digital art or photo of anything that can be copyrighted. Copyright records are permanent and immutable. When registering your copyright is registered in a block chain, a public ledger powered by Bitcoin and claims to ensure that your record will be permanent and immutable. After registration you will receive a registration certificate with cryptographic evidence that protects your copyright which you will own forever. Then you share your work knowing you have proof of publication that protects your copyright. As you continue to use Blockai you build up a portfolio of all your copyrighted work on their site. Blockai’s copyright monitoring system will alert you when people are using your work.

It gets even better because they have a specific service for twitter which enables you to claim your copyright in three steps which only requires you to sign up to Blockai with Twitter, then you tweet your image using the hashtag “#blockai” after which you will immediately receive a link to your copyright claim. Blockai aims to eventually provide a service through which you will be able to profit off copyright breaches regarding your work. Sign up and register on Blockai here  and put an end to your licensing woes.


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