Finding well priced events spaces in London, especially if you’re young and have limited income. So many young creatives have great ideas but tend not to have the means to make their dreams a reality. Now this is something like a true love story, so technically I found this site years ago but stupid me didn’t bother noting it down and no matter how much I tried doing what weirdos do like typing “free cool space uk” into Google I just couldn’t seem to find it again. Eventually I gave up until I recently found myself searching for free venues after a phone conversation with a friend and boom there it was, my long lost companion.

Free event spaces for ages 16-25? Now what’s so amazing about this site I hear you say? Well not only does somewhereto_  have amazing rates for cool spaces in London for anything from events to meeting spaces. It also caters to young ones looking for free space to do what creative people do. So anything from spaces for small gatherings/seminars to huge showcases, as long as you’re between the ages 16-25 you have access to amazing venues based in London free of charge. (However, please take into consideration that some spaces on the site may have their own individual requirements). If you’re over 25 then they have a lot of reasonably priced paid options so not to worry. Either way this is definitely a useful site to bookmark.


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