So despite having what some would say is a cool and quirky name, the Hatchli app claims to connect innovators and influencers by providing a platform through which innovators (start-up focused) are given early feedback and exposure. This is a community wherein entrepreneurs seeking to share their ideas with a community interested in all things innovation, start-up and business can do so and find potential collaborators whilst engaging in discussions on how to improve their product, attracting honest and constructive criticism and projections on the potential setbacks of the various business ventures proposed.

First as per usual the user is prompted to signup/login and is given the option of doing so manually or through a chosen social media platform. Then with a tinder-esque aesthetic users are able to swipe right if they like a product and left if they quite frankly think its a bit crap, they’re also given the option to click the tick button or the x to do the exact same thing. A camera roll icon that once clicked allows users to either see various images of the displayed product or play the video on display and a double tap on the image will lead you to a summarised description of the product and what it does.

Once an option is selected, you’re able to see a collation of results in a bar chart format showing you how many people voted against or for the product and you’re also given the opportunity to comment and offer up your opinion on any and every aspect of the product presented and also read other comments and interactions with the developers of the product.

Lastly, Hatchli has an option which they call Staff Picks where they present the products on the app that they believe have great potential. You can also swipe through this section as mentioned before.  So if you have a start-up idea and you are looking for a community of people to pitch your ideas to, this app looks like a great shout. Download the app here on the app store  . But before you go, now you can get everything on the app right on your desktop here, check out for details.


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