I can’t seem to count how many times I’ve said I wish we can add * insert random friend* into this chat whilst talking to a friend on FaceTime. I mean Skype is great but when you’re on the go, there’s something Face Time brings that Skype just doesn’t seem to do. More often than not you only find yourself using it for one of three reasons, familiarity and or a lack of better options and also on the occasion that you don’t have a Mac Book like everyone else. But as we all know it’s just not the same, the clarity isn’t the same and the connection gets worse as you add more users into the group conversation. However, all hope is not lost, as it always seems that the more Apple refuses to answer our real issues someone comes out to save the day, whilst Apple continues to add stupid things like wireless headphones that we will undoubtedly lose. Houseparty  seems to be the answer to all of these problems, you can invite friends who are yet to download the app via text and you can add up to 6 people. As if it doesn’t get any better, whenever you add someone new, a cute little notification pops up saying “*insert random cool person* is in the house”. Not part of the IPhone flock? Not to worry Houseparty is also available on Google Play.  Houseparty also previews how everything works on their site .

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