We live in a time where although we do have the likes of Google (something everyone and your Dad remind you of daily) an overload of information online means we can often find ourselves scouring the internet for hours trying to find the information we need to take the steps we need to regarding our career, add being a creative into the mix and you’ll find yourself in this jungle which becomes that much harder to navigate no matter how many trees you try and swing from (okay I’ll stop with these stupid analogies]. Platforms directed at creatives especially the kind that actually offer up advice helping you comfortably navigate creative industries are unfortunately far and few between but not to fear, that’s where Circular comes in.

Circular is a new social company set up by Shuffzco Director of Digital Marketing, Zaire. It seeks to provide a space for creatives to collaborate and socialise. It aims to bridge the gap between amateurs and working professionals within the industry. Zaire talks on his own experience stating that he finds it hard to meet people like him, people who could give him more feedback and meet new people who could help him excel. So how does it work? They’re currently working on a subscription only basis…so all you have to do is email in your name, what you do and they will sign you up to hello@circularpro.co


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