Let’s set the scene, you’ve decided to throw a house party and invited a set amount of people, but a couple hours in you begin to realise that more and more people you don’t recall having scribbled down on the invite list are starting to show up. Things are going well (or I hope so for the sake of this mini story) but it starts to dawn on you that there’s no way the alcohol you have set aside for the night will be enough and as if things couldn’t get any worse, all the shops are closed.

At this moment you have two options. You either run up to your room and go to sleep or download the Bevy app. Currently only catering to London zones 1 & 2 (because Londoners are the best, I joke), this app has been saving house parties and get-together’s since it’s creation. Their service runs between 5pm – 5 am and you should expect to receive your order within 30 minutes. There’s no minimum spend and prices are as usual (nothing crazy, so your average in store price) as well as hundreds of products to choose from. You can also track your order using the app.

The Bevy app goes even further by offering extras such as snacks, mixers, cigarettes and some other random necessities and if you join their free newsletter you get £10 free credit. So I guess it’s not your average on demand alcohol delivery app keeping in mind everything you may need.

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