This is not as soppy as the last I promise aha. I know some of you are always thinking of a fancy place for a first dates, 2nd or even 50th (that’s if you’re counting). Dates are there to get to know someone, when you end up splashing a lot of money and then you find out you really don’t like that person you can end up feeling a bit meh. Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to figure out where to go especially if one or both of you are a bit indecisive.

I want people to kill the stereotype that for all first dates you must go to a restaurant, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea but sometimes be spontaneous. It is very attractive. I’m not a “let’s go to the restaurant and eat kind of person” because I believe that sometimes food can be a  killer of conversation, so if you want to think outside the box here’s some cool ideas, some of which I’ve done. I also put down some sites you can check out. (Disclaimer: Some will overlap choice wise, most of these will be based in London however most of the places are chains that can be found in other cities)


Sing like no one’s listening! This is fun, and totally out there, I know you don’t want people to be hearing your shower voice but what’s better than singing your favourite songs? You didn’t learn those lyrics for no reason. The two of you can find out about the type of music you love and hate and the conversation is endless. Afterwards, if you’re not tired and ready to go home, find a bar  somewhere and have a drink. It shows how outgoing you really are!

Comedy night

Laughter is the best medicine. You might have to plan this one in advance or just find the right line up. This could go two ways if you pick the wrong night and the comedians aren’t up to par could just about ruin your date (don’t say I didn’t warn you) or you could both just make the most of it and laugh at how bad it was!

A Theme park

Thrill-seekers your time to shine (ask first if they wouldn’t mind going because let’s be real, the idea of going to a theme park can be a bit daunting for some). I’m also pretty sure you can find a two for one ticket deal on a box of cereal or something. This could definitely be a perfect date and those ride pictures will be worth it, laughter for days trust me!

Bowling/ Arcade

Competition, I love a bit of competition and bowling will let you know just how competitive your date really is, take down your guards and get the real deal, you’ll find out who the sore loser is too whilst you have fun with it. Top it off with some hot-dogs and make use of the arcade, however prepare for that unforeseen cash loss. Like I said above everyone loves a bit of competition and when the game is going well… the coin goes with it, with goodies to get at the end, the day will be well spent with childhood memories of the games you used to play.

Trampoline Parks

Remember that time you used to jump on your bed? Think of that with endless trampolines with foam pits to land in. It really brings out your inner child not everything about a first date is serious, wear your trackies and enjoy!

The “not so first date”

NGL, this one is a bit cheesy however this is for my lovelies heading for their 3rd or even 5th year anniversary. Go to that lovely little place on the corner and have the ultimate OTT first date (like in the movies). Make a massive deal about it and act like you don’t know each other. Ask all those questions you asked all those years ago.  If you live together get ready in separate rooms. Girls, doll up wear that black number, Boys, wear that fitted shirt and spray that cologne. (PS: Boys you’ve got to get ready before because you’ve got to pick her up at the arranged time). If you won’t be, choose a place to meet and be on time aha.

Chivalry is not dead!

Gym Class

This is my fave for gym goers! I’m pretty sure a day pass is nothing you can’t take out of your pocket. The gym has so many classes available, pick one and go (I’d recommend boxing it works your entire body, you need a partner so why not and it is so much fun why wouldn’t you want punch someone aha.. I joke No punching each other guys)

Brunch at a cheeky café

Who said you needed to go on a date in the evening? It’s not a heavy meal there’s room for conversation, it’s informal; practically perfect, you have the rest of the day to yourselves and if it’s going well you have the day to explore, stroll and enjoy each other’s company.

Visit a Museum

It’s an excuse to explore something different, it can be very romantic and beautiful exploring things together. It might be somewhere you have been years ago. Plus exhibitions change frequently, whether it’s art or fashion there’s always something different and there’s LOADS to see.

Take a dance class

Ever watched Take the lead (if you haven’t please do) nothing says intimacy more than dance whether it’s Salsa, Swing or Waltz, pick something you’re both comfortable with and actually get into it. (Groupon has some pretty good deals for this) don’t be shy.

London experiences

(Be a tourist and actually look at the attractions it’s a goldmine) Londoners please don’t look down on places like London dungeon or Sea life; those are perfect little date venues you have right at your doorstep, where both of you will be together and it doesn’t matter who’s around you’re there for just the two of you and the sharks haha. There’s no way you can go wrong with this, I mean how can Sea Life be awkward?

Venues / Bricklane, Holborn, Bayswater, Stratford & Manchester / Westminster bridge (near the London eye) /Acton, Southampton, Wigan, Manchester, Derby & Leeds / Bristol, London (Wandsworth), Portsmouth, Preston, Sandwell, Stoke, Southampton, Ashford, Barking & Chatham (Martime) / caters for various outings (type your location and voila a whole bunch of deals)

WRITTEN by Jackie

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