Netflix Offline has arrived and I’m sure you’re all thinking “well about time”. Netflix has introduced a new function which allows you to download select TV shows for viewing without an internet connection from the Netflix app on your IOS or Android device. To be able to download shows on your mobile you will need OS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4.2 or later, an internet connection and the latest version of either the Netflix iOS app and Netflix Android app. Not all shows are available for download, only the ones that have this download icon download.png beside it or better yet select Available for Download in the Netflix menu. Once you have selected the show for download and it has finished downloading it should be available in the My Downloads  section of the Netflix app.

Want the best video quality?

Netflix Offline also allows you to select the video quality before you download, allowing you to download shows of a higher quality. However, this does take up more storage space than the Standard quality downloads. As downloads can and do eat up a lot of data, a quick tip would be to download via WiFi and then switch it off if that option is available to you.


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