I live for ideas like this. With such a compelling backstory and campaign, Ava has successfully managed to do what it set out to do, making communications between deaf and hearing people easier. Ava is the brainchild of Thibault Duchemin whose story is just as important as his mission. Growing up in a deaf family and being in the middle of both worlds and also working alongside a co-founder & CTO who is also deaf, it is not hard to see why this app is perfect down to the very last detail. The video campaign for Ava, which is a must watch,   goes through the daily communication issues between the deaf and the hearing, one of the main issues being their inability to clearly pick up what people are saying in group conversations when a lot of people are talking at once or too much is going on. Ava helps deaf people to break down the noise, the indistinct chatter which gets in the way of day to day communication. With one tap you can invite people onto the app, the people being everyone in the room and wait for them to join the Ava conversation with their phones. Ava in turn connects the phones of those who downloaded the app forming a microphone system with the use of speech recognition and speaker identification, showing who says what in less than a second, transcribing it within the chat. I have no doubt that Ava will make lunch, business meetings and the like that much easier without having to pay for a professional interpreter/captioner.

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