It’s 2017 and I can’t think of any better way to start off our year of app reviews than to start with this amazing collaboration from popular global video streaming site Viki and social viewing app RaveViki has joined forces with social viewing site Rave. to provide it’s viewers with the ultimate viewer experience, the ability to share video content with friends in real time, think group-chat meets your favourite show.

Not only can you watch your favourite show with each other, VikiRave allows viewers to text and speak to each other in real time and create private “raves” with friends. If that isn’t enough, VikiRave also allows people to connect with others in it’s public rave feed, so if you happen to feel like interacting with people you don’t know who share the same love for the shows you love to watch, this is definitely the app for you. Currently featuring top video content from the likes of Korea, China and Taiwan, whilst also providing access to prime shows in over 200 languages which cover a variety of genres, anime, biography, horror just to name a few.


Viki is joining a long list of platforms already part of the Rave community. Rave also allows it’s millions of viewers to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Dropbox, Google Drive and now Viki. Shedding light on their future plans and their recent collaboration with Rave, Viki’s CEO, Tammy H. Nam explores Viki’s ethos in light of their collaboration with Rave saying “creating an enriched experience for fans has always been a focus for Viki”. Rave’s “seamless ability to allow fans to communicate in real time is an excellent fit for our community who love to share Viki content” Tammy continues.

So now you’ve heard all about it, it’s only right to bring you in on how to get involved and it’s as simple as ever, download the Rave app here App Store and Google Play and get started, no need to hang up the phone to watch your favourite show like before, just set a date and a time and you’re good to go from the comfort of your bedroom, who doesn’t want that? I mean it is 2017 after all.

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