For those who like to make life hard for themselves, I have always been known as a trouble student (, I labelled myself) because I do not like to do things without concept/unless I understand it so when I was in school about 8 years ago, homework was done on my terms. When it came to University, as usual I didn’t do the norm. I am intrigued by many things outside the curriculum so by final year on my Graphics and Illustration course I chose to do my dissertation on Film and Storytelling. It wasn’t part of any of my modules – even my title was a handful; “The Appraisal of whether an Audience needs to view a Film more than once: Analysing Complexity and Understanding in the Art of Cinematic Storytelling and its Visual Narrative Devices within selected Christopher Nolan Films”.

Finding references that were relevant to my dissertation for it to be credible was quite challenging. Naturally as a storyteller, I tend to write in a very informal manor with a lot of personal influence. I realised not so quickly that my dissertation could not be filled purely with my opinions, admiration and reviews of films and directors so I had to really search for good intellectual sources of information.

Three major resources that helped me, and still currently do with my projects in general are:

MUST SEE FILMS (YouTube) This channel was created by Darren. He creates podcasts and video essays about films’ themes, conducts in-depth studies and explores the art. His channel really helps me collect my own observations and sometimes discover something new. In ‘HOW CINEMA MAKES ME FEEL (Love Letter to Cinema)’, a video Darren made, he captured and articulated many thoughts I have about cinema and film – it’s always nice when someone else can relate to your obsessions on such a deep level.

DP/30 (YouTube)David Poland, a producer and director offers behind the scenes type interviews in such an intimate way. They are long conversations that drift in and out of casual topics so if you have an interest in getting to know honest thoughts aside from commercial promotion, love to listen to director’s interpretations and actors talk about their perspectives, DP/30 is perfect.

NO FILM SCHOOL (Website)I would say this is the most traditionally educational of the three. There is so much available on this site that it can be overwhelming at first. Links and articles range from software and equipment to script analysis; it’s amazing.

I love all of these because I gain something different from each. I regularly keep up to date with them because I love learning and believe in constantly attaining knowledge in whatever you do. If you ever want to contact me regarding film related topics on a technical level or even just casually, search ‘The INKtrovert’ on twitter or Instagram and let’s talk.


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