So we have been doing some vision planning recently thanks to the great people who offered up advice and help. Going to do a shout out thank you post soon. For some time now I’ve been feeling as though Bring Me In has lacked some sort of long-term vision and focus.

Sometimes I allude to it on my personal twitter because I’m a weirdo like that:

and sometimes it can get quite dramatic like:

Over time I started to notice that the site was getting way more personal development heavy and drifting away from what we started off doing which was more the recommendations side of things, introducing people to new apps, websites and all sorts of things. I eventually started to feel like we were doing everything and sometimes when you’re still small and you’re doing anything and everything without focus you can get lost in the stew and it can also cause confusion amongst readers as to what exactly they are coming to your site for.

So I took some time to figure out what I wanted, what the team wanted, what I felt our readers wanted and eventually came up with a plan. From now on we’ll be focusing solely on personal development. So what do I mean by personal development? Well I mean we will be pushing out amazing How To content, focusing specifically on Careers, Life skills and Specialised skills. If it’s not a How To it probably won’t be on our site and all our interviews will take into consideration the fact that we’re trying to impart some sort of wisdom on our readers. You may still naturally get a recommendation here or there but it will always be via a How To format. As part of our overall process of restructuring our brand we have also decided to make The Community it’s own separate entity and resume questions and answers on it’s own separate Twitter page we are now working with Olayinka Afolabi and it will be a joint collaboration with his brand. He writes some amazing stuff so be sure to check out his site here.

This means we will collate all the answers we receive in blog posts as per usual on it’s own Medium page, whilst also asking our Community questions on both it’s Twitter and Quora page. Long term we have so many amazing things planned under the Bring Me In umbrella and also in collaboration with our community partners YSYS, Olayinka Afolabi and Statuelle which we will reveal as and when.

We have also introduced a new page which will feature “How To’s” from some of the most successful people, businesses and leaders in the world, we’ve decided to call this the “Hall of Fame”.

Lastly, I kinda like the fact that you’re all witnessing the process even if it does feel like sometimes it’s hard to keep up with because yes I am unapologetically freestyling life and I want you all to see where this journey takes us without the whole pretence of always having our ish together, because that wouldn’t be honest would it? Also it will be great to look back at our growth at some point and be able to say, ahhh it all makes sense now.

Love always,



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