Interviewer: When you hear and read critics say that you’re destroying your daughters and abusing them, how do you deal with that, what some people have said, it’s just awful things and in general human nature, no matter how strong you are it’s difficult to take criticism no matter how false it is. How do you deal with it when people say some awful things?

Richard Williams: Let me ask you a question and then answer what you just asked me, how did I deal with people when Venus and Serena first came into tennis, it didn’t bother me, you know I’ve been beat up so bad when I was a kid, nothing bothered me, I had new shoes to wear from the goodwill store, in-fact I shopped at the goodwill store when I got money and I didn’t forget that either. Serena had to, we shopped at the goodwill store, you don’t forget where you come from,  don’t forget who you are, what bridge got you over there, so how did we deal with the people when they first came in there, we beat the hell out of them. We taught them a lesson….Once Venus told me, she said let me tell you something Dad, this is what I’m gonna do, I said what you gonna do, she said ‘I’m gonna win Wimbledon five times in a row, I couldn’t sleep for almost a week, thinking, how are we gonna do this and I knew I couldn’t train her to win it with a racket, but you can train a persons mind to win anything there is, there’s nothing a human being cannot do. 

Source: hudsonunionsociety

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