Dreams can come true…

Our journeys throughout life are not clear cut, naturally we go through life apprehensive about one thing or another. But once we address the source of our uncertainty we often find that it mostly boils down to  our sense of purpose. what career path to choose, whether we should go into further education or not, the list goes on but ultimately at the root of it all it’s our lifelong pursuit of  our dreams.

So realistically, who stands in the way of our dreams, us or them? When I refer to them I’m speaking about society, family, friends who may perhaps not always grasp the concept of why you want to change careers, why you decided that higher education was not for you and instead want to chase a non-academic route.

Maybe we’re even talking about the “they” DJ Khaled talks of, some of whom may not have any malicious intent, but still manage to evoke a sense of fear and doubt within us and unfortunately add to the long list of criticisms and doubts we already have. But if there’s one thing you must continue to hold onto, it’s the fact that your path is not their path – its not meant for them its specifically tailor-made for you, do not let them stand in the way of you taking that first step.  

As said by writer Joseph Campbell,

‘the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.’ 

If you never start your journey, you’re bound to be left with that nagging feeling of what if.  Sometimes however, our purpose is not always so apparent to us because we either fail to goal set or have no idea how to productively do so. Goal setting and planning should become a fundamental part of the life of anyone who seeks to make his or her purpose a reality. Why? such practices are more than likely to reignite that passion within you, or push you to try something outside of your comfort zone and actively engage in personal development making your day by day development a priority, which with persistence will form the foundation for who we will become as adults. It is perfectly fine for your goals to not align with where you initially envisioned your passion or career to take you. Remember just as we have the ability to create opportunities where there are none, we have the ability to create our own personal goals in order to effectively pursue our dreams. 

So what goal-setting methods are out there? 

  • Have an image of where you envision yourself in the long run…work backwards until you get to present day and see your journey
  • Set short-term goals to a larger aspiration
  • Positive comparison, compare yourself to those who are where you want to be. Select one or two people, check their Linked-In pages, interviews, posts and try and identify the practical steps they took and tailor those steps to suit you given your current means.
  • Small goals…any step you take is one in the right direction, once you get used to investing a portion of your time everyday or every week even, towards your goal , it will become a habit. From a positive habits we form very healthy lifestyles because we invest in ourselves. So we can produce amazing results and impact those around us positively .  Patience is key throughout the journey as not everything you pursue will work out the first time, it’s a transition.

We live in the digital age! So if putting pen to paper is no longer your thing…here are a list of personal development apps that will give you that push in the right direction:

Goals on Track : Combines personal development and psychological principles to guide you through the goal setting and accomplishment process.

TED : Need I say more? One of the most popular apps and platforms for inspiration, insight and varying perspectives on topics that are relevant today and can be learnt from in the past.

Mindbloom: One of my favourites.  A true representation of the many elements of our lives, each represented by branches. My careers; my relationships; my finances)  are just a couple of examples. It encourages you to nurture your tree through inspiration (sun) and action (water), so in essence setting goals/tasks and carrying out the actions to reach them .

Coach.me: Less tailor made but instead encompasses a broader spectrum of pre-set plans, that may help later on down the line to set specific tasks.  If you require a structed or unstructed plan toward your goal then this is the app for you

Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.’ Mike Ditka

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